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The Questions ...

Launched on November 5, 2015 is a new market place for startups who are looking for guaranteed quality feedbacks from the community.
What it is?
If you have ever tried to launch a web startup, you know how difficult it is TO GET THE FIRST USERS ONBOARD. All you want to know at that stage: WHY DO THEY TURN AWAY?
What is The Question?
There are numerous directories and online communities for the startups, but all of them use like/dislike principle: you SUBMIT YOUR IDEA and GET NOTHING in return.
How is it different from similar projects?

... and the Answers!

We know that a quality feedback and a DETAILED REVIEW are more valuable than any number of “likes”.

We know how time consuming and expensive it is to get project reviews from freelance early adopters.

We know the rules: we are web entrepreneurs and have had our ups and downs in the last 15 years.


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The more reviews you write, the higher the rating of your startup. The higher the rating is, the better the visibility. The better the visibility, the more the reviewers from the new registered users.

Get reviewed by others! will provide you with a real feedback, because our users ARE MOTIVATED to write a review for your startup. Why? It is simple: the rating of a startup at depends on the amount of reviews written by its owner.

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