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First Impression Excellent
Overall Idea Excellent
Idea Realization Excellent
User Experience Excellent
Performance Good


The Good

I love the idea to get fresh food from the restaurants which are near to my place by entering postcode. I also like the idea of de-personaliizng restaurants, if you see what I mean: basicalyl all food we are consuming now is very typical and there is no sense in choosing restaurant to order every day disshes.

The Bad

Nothing bad at all! The only minus is that the project is for those who live in London only, but I'm sure you will have a lot of followers! Nothing bad!

The Bottom Line

A very nice project, aimed at people and restaurants simultaneously. Ordering takeaway food only from the nearest area restaurants must provide fast and quality service. The choice of dishes is by pictures only, no texts, no restaurants' names. This is a very smart idea!

Missing Features

It has nothing to di with the startup itself, but when I was searching through the menu there was no healthy food at all. Just 2 salads and the rest - pizzas and rolls. Probably you should focus on inviting vegetarian or eco-restaurants as well, and add a separate search filter "vegan" or "Glt-gree" etc


First Impression is Excellent

Of course! There is a delicious picture on the front page and a clear message - TAKE AWAY. But it took me some time to understand that the project is arranged arond customer's postcode: which is a very simple and nice idea, but it's not completely obvious from the frontpage.

Overall Idea is Excellent

After I scrolled down the website, I realised how smart and simple the idea is. No need to use geo data from my smartphone, just enter the poscode of the place where you are currenty and there will be a choice of dishes that could be delivered exactly to your area. Great! And saves time!

Idea Realization is Excellent

I'm not a Londonner, unfortunately so I have no idea about the local postcodes. I entered a set of figures and received a warm message: " we don't deliver to your area yet", so I turned to the front page again to check out the sample poscode provided and in 4-5 seconds there was a list of pictures with prices and short description with an option to select and add any disches to my cart.
There is also a section for restaurants and this is great: the project is multi-functional, the target audience is both customers and businesses.

User Experience is Excellent

It's very easy. The first thing I was really happy about that no registration is required: just enter the postcode and get a list of dishes. I have chosen chicken rice and tuna salad, but it as only then when I say a small message above the cart : minimum order is $12 (I don't have a pound sign on my keyboard). Does it depend on the restaurant chosen or it's your policy?
I was a bit dissapointed, as I wouldn't be able to eat another dish, but if you are ordering for a bunch of friends, it's ok!

Performance is Good

I think there is a place for improvement. It took the site about 3 seconds to show me the dishes available and it after I have finished my order the button "check out" was not active for another 3-4 seconds. The rest is fins.