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Startiew Startiew    TheMentorpreneurs Inc TheMentorpreneurs Inc Tuesday, December 8, 2015 10:21 AM

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First Impression Excellent
Overall Idea Good
Idea Realization Average
User Experience Average
Performance Average


The Good

Nice landing page. Clear idea. There is a choice of registering either as a startup, or a mentor, or an investor - that makes sense. Additional sections (blogs, lectures) are also a good idea.

The Bad

Further development is needed, there is not much content yet.
There is no option to view the list of startups (probably it is because I am still not logged in). Still, I think it's very important to show your potentail users, who and what is there behind the website. You are asking for personal data in the registration form, including mobile and people need to trust you to do that.

The Bottom Line

This website need further development, it's just the showcase of the project yet. I think you need to find at least 2-3 partners business incubators and Vcs) to list them on yout website. It will prove you are real and will attract more startups and users.

Missing Features

It would be also be better to specify the area of interests (web startups, healthcare etc) , or if you focus on India market, maybe it should be pointed out.
No mentors profile yet
No option to view the list of startups if you are not registered.
Registration via SM will be a plus


First Impression is Excellent

Firts of all I like the title, it gives clear unserstanding of what the project may be about. Though words "mentorship" and "entrepreunership" have been used too much already in the world of startup businesses.

Overall Idea is Good

From the first impression I see this website as a joint resource for different categories of players of the innovation ecosystem. There is a choice of registering either as a startup, or a mentor, or an investor - that makes sense. I will submit our projects and review the process here.

Idea Realization is Average

I don't like the page "HOME", as there is so much text to read... I don't mean I am lazy, but some formatting for such long texts is needed to highlight the most important information.
There is a simple blog section, but it's only dedicated to the project itself, therefore it's not too interesting for a startup.
There is also "lessons" section, which is a good idea but needs further development. By the way, check "Leanbox" startup here, they provide some interesting links for startupers - probably you can cooperate.

User Experience is Average

Registration process for the startup was easy, but it's been already a while and there is no email confirmation yet (30 minutes). I can't really discover the project:(
I like the landing page, but the rest of pages are very poor in terms of design. Have a look at the Partners page, the logos are of very low quality, so I can't even read who they are. And they are not clickable
Mentors profiles are not clickable: pictures are not enougth to prove they are reliable mentors

Performance is Average

Well, I still haven't receieved a confirmation via email, so this is the key problem. I will edit my review after I'am able to access the site fully.