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First Impression Average
Overall Idea Average
Idea Realization Average
User Experience Good
Performance Good


The Good

There a many people entering the online marketing business, most with no clue of HTML. WYSIWYG type page creators like Pageoy are great tools for this ever growing demographic

The Bad

I wouldn't say there is anything really bad about Pageoy. It needs refining, but with time that will happen. Not having a "always free" plan with limited features however, may prevent some potential customers from trying it out.

The Bottom Line

The Pageoy application has legs to be a tool of choice for online internet marketers, small business owners and affiliates. The Pro and Plus plans may however be over priced for small business owners, who may opt for similar free solutions.

Missing Features

As a basic page creator, the app has enough features and I don't believe it requires any additional features to be successful. Of course, some innovative image filters go a long way for customers to be more creative


First Impression is Average

The unique selling point is not immediately obvious when viewing the website for the first time. One or two quality images showing some page creations would probably have a better impact.

Overall Idea is Average

Great idea for small business owners and newbie web marketers who dont know how to write in HTML. A potential market is possible the hordes of people getting into online affiliate marketing.

Idea Realization is Average

Better use of real end-user created pages will help get a better perspective of the solution. The explainer video however is concise and clear for anybody to grasp the idea (maybe add embedded video to the website so it becomes the center of attention)

User Experience is Good

Simple to use and responsive. I would also look at other similar solutions such as Canva and Pixlr to improve some of the UI and UX. Its important for it to be intuitive for teh untrained.

Performance is Good

Being a regular user of Canva for doing professional looking artwork, I tend to be a little biased as their UI and UX is incredible. Pageoy tends to be a little sluggish in places in comparison, but overall a good performance