2.6  Review from Item Hut for Enjion Inc.

Item Hut Item Hut    Enjion Inc. Enjion Inc. Wednesday, February 24, 2016 2:13 AM

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First Impression Average
Overall Idea Average
Idea Realization Poor
User Experience Average
Performance Poor


The Good

I don't know what is good in the startup as I don't know what the product is. I have an idea of the aim, and as pointed out above, I'm all for going through with that vision.

The Bad

Once again, the lack of details. I'm sadly repeating myself since each one of these fields are required, and ask for 150 or more characters, so I'm writing to waste space.

The Bottom Line

If I'm a buyer or researcher for a business (a roll I've had before), I'd have a very difficult time understanding what needs this is attempting to solve, and I'd have a more difficult time getting the okay from upper management.

Missing Features

I'm so sorry to repeat myself again, but this field is required. The missing "feature" is that I don't know what the "feature" is or what it is ultimately attempting to do.


I think this would require a simple entry fee and monthly subscription, probably weighted per user. Also, add in charges for training, but I don't know how much the last would conflict with the promise of easy to use.


First Impression is Average

I think it would help if there was a screen shot of what is possible to make. At this moment, I know there is some app to be made, but for what, exactly?

Overall Idea is Average

I want to like the idea, but this is asking me to like something I'm imagining, which is likely an Excel-type system for business professionals. Just needs more detail.

Idea Realization is Poor

Not very well. I didn't like being thrown into a beta sign up when I wasn't sure what I would be signing up for, but I probably have password fatigue.

User Experience is Average

It is a single-page landing page. It could use more details, but I love the look of the page. The video didn't work on my computer, but I use firefox and fedora.

Performance is Poor

It is in beta release, and I'm guessing some sort of stealth mode, but anything short of wide open is too stealthy for my tastes. If I was browsing about and came across this, I wouldn't look any further than the front page.