4.2  Review from Startiew for Social Monitoring Hub

Startiew Startiew    Social Monitoring Hub Social Monitoring Hub Monday, February 29, 2016 7:19 PM

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First Impression Excellent
Overall Idea Good
Idea Realization Good
User Experience Average
Performance Excellent


The Good

I like the way i can monitor statistics and see my SMM audience: all visual information is arranged in simple graphics and it's easy to read and analyze.
There is also a useful function - users may subscribe to other media and monitor their newsfeed from this webapp without checking social media pages.

The Bad

1. Landing page design doesn't translate the beauty and the simplicity of the app's design and UI. Alas!
2. No privacy\liability disclaimer. Also nothing to persuade me that your app is worth trusting my passwords. Why?
3. I haven't signed in with my FB account, but when I switched to Stat section it did show my statistics for 3 social media accounts. It took me a whie to realise this was just a demo picture: please add an explainer!!

The Bottom Line

This is a very simple, clearly designed webapp to ease the life of SMM manager with limited but reliably functions in the FREE version and unclear benefits in the PRO version. When I say "unclear" I mean I couldn't understand why I should upgrade though I liked the app verymuch and was ready to pay!

Missing Features

Limited amount of SM - it's only Twitter, FB and LinkedIn.
Will I be able to add Google\Tumble\Instagram if I upgrade or not? It was not clear from your messages.


You've already chosen the right way and I could have been one of your customers if you had better explained benefits of the PRO version.
I would also sell pictures\videos for better content.


First Impression is Excellent

Yeps. Though I have never tried using any social media integration tool, I know they exist. Also the title indicates the purpost of the project quite clear - it's a hub, a meeting point and an activity monitor.
Mission complete!

Overall Idea is Good

Posting to social media is one of my general everyday tasks. I'm using crossposting features of my wordpress blog for delivering my content to subscribers, though I must admit this function of wordpress is not much user-friendly. SM monitoring tool is something all marketing specialists need.

Idea Realization is Good

There two parts in this question: the landing page and the tool itself.
The landing page needs some bugfixing: when I clicked on " Overview"
in your upper menu, nothing happened at all. There is also a big difference in design between the landing page design and the tool dashboard. I like the latter more.

User Experience is Average

Registering and logging in was easy, though being paranoic about issues concerning privacy and personal data security I was dissapotinted to see no terms of conditions\disclaimer checkbox.
How will be to blame if social media hub posts nonsence on my behalf?

Performance is Excellent

The dashboard is really very simple to navigate through and I like its design. This webapp features everything I need: posting, including scheduled posting + displaying social streams on one page + viewing statistics etc