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Startiew Startiew    lapis lapis Friday, March 11, 2016 10:00 PM

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First Impression Good
Overall Idea Good
Idea Realization Average
User Experience Good
Performance Good


The Good

We are glad you've registered with us, but I would like to encourage you to submit again with a new idea or tool or application that is new to the market and industry. You will get more attantion then!

The Bad

The portfolio section misses links to your projects/websites/tools/soltion made for customers. Even screenshots would count, the way you have done it in the "Products" section of the website
Fonts are too different from page to page. It's difficult to read.
Too much text IMHO

The Bottom Line

Lapis is one of the software and consulting organizations for online lottery systems. It's not a startup, but quite a mature company. Located in the US, growing and hiring professionals.

Missing Features

What is special about your GEM solution? Why is it the best? What are the features? I spent an hour surfing around your website and I am still not sure I got it right.


No need to answer this question : there are customers that pay and hopefully they will pay forever :) good luck with your business and come back with new ideas !


First Impression is Good

From the very first moment it's obvious that it's a website of a software organization with significant background. Software development and consulting as far as I can see.

Overall Idea is Good

It's impossible to rate or validate this project, Lapis is not actually a statup or a product, it's a service provider with solid background. So you can't actually see what people do there unless you become a customer.

Idea Realization is Average

It's a software development company, not a statrup therefore I was looking for a product or service (within the range of service provided) that is new to the market. It took me a while to get to the point: Lapis offers an automation tool for online lottery sales.

User Experience is Good

Unless you become a customer you can't test the service and I wish there were more screenshots of the tool he company is selling. Also, as with any service provider, you'd rather see links to completed projects than just testimonials from people we don't know.

Performance is Good

It doesn't make sense to test the performance of the website, so I'll have to skip this point. Just one comment: have a deeper look at the font size you are using. It's so different from page to page that it impedes reading.