4.4  Review from Cushy Client Recruiting for Hot Coffee Club

Cushy Client Recruiting Cushy Client Recruiting    Hot Coffee Club Hot Coffee Club Sunday, May 8, 2016 5:40 PM

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First Impression Good
Overall Idea Excellent
Idea Realization Excellent
User Experience Good
Performance Good


The Good

The site is beautiful, has a real good vibe for the product, has room for future product development, sells a great product everyone loves, has great sections at the top of the page, and a good checkout experience.

The Bad

Had to search for a way to contact customer service which would be off putting if I was a potential customer, sumome popped up on my screen asking me to login when I have no explanation as to what it is or what I am signing into, refund policy is unsettling while understandable it just leaves a bad taste.

The Bottom Line

If you had an easy way to contact a support representative and decrease loading time you have an overall great site. I wish you the best and hope you grow to a behemoth in the coffee industry.

Missing Features

Customer service contact, easy way to track package, every coffee bag looks exactly the same so it does not give your products much easy to identify differences, and the fac icon in my browser looks strange; on the PC it is obvious it is coffee beans but on mobile it just likes like black circles.


Ways I would monetize:
*Monthly sampler box, almost like lootcrate but with your products so they get that element of surprise and able to taste your different products.
*Gift certificates so they can purchase a box for as a gift for someone else.


First Impression is Good

The idea is nice, the site has a great earthy coffee feel to it, love the mi of flat and digital imagery, if I was a potential customer one thing that concerns me is there doe snot appear to be an easy way to contact a customer service representative.

Overall Idea is Excellent

I personally am allergic to coffee but, would not lower your rating because of that fact. At first I thought it was more of a Lootcrate with coffee but, upon viewing the site it is more like a naturebox with coffee which I like the idea of.

Idea Realization is Excellent

The idea is good and it is implemented well. However, I have seen some similar sites so I do kind of worry about your competition however, I do see your "as seen on section" which gives you a boost. I would put that section on your homepage also though.

User Experience is Good

Most of the tabs are in the footer which I guess is more of a personal taste dislike, overall it is a pretty good site and if I could drink coffee I would of probably bought some while writing this review.

Performance is Good

The site loaded a tad slow on Firefox but was lightning fast on chrome. I also noticed most of the URL's are not seo friendly. Otherwise it worked very well.