4.6  Review from Lootpost for Enjion Inc.

Lootpost Lootpost    Enjion Inc. Enjion Inc. Friday, November 4, 2016 12:53 AM

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First Impression Good
Overall Idea Good
Idea Realization Excellent
User Experience Excellent
Performance Excellent


The Good

Simple, understanding the concept within 10 sec and focusing on your main purpose for creating the site. People tend to focus on every single person but not themselves and what they believe in the site.

The Bad

Clutter will destroy your idea, to much content which ppl do not want to read and slow speed. Stick to the concept and be more interactive on the site to get users to sign up..................

The Bottom Line

I believe if you present a good marketing strategy for new startup idea entrepreneurs then it will make there funds go along way because they won't have to invest much on the product.

Missing Features

I think a live chat box person to speak to customer will help grow the business once customer enter the site and can get more information...............


Using advertising on startup companies to get more foot traffic will gain more awareness and build funds slowly but being seen by app maker searches....


First Impression is Good

The idea is great simple and to the point. I like that you can get a app that wont break your bank account. The site is clean and understandable no clutter.

Overall Idea is Good

I love the idea it hard to get a company that will do a app that's not over thousand of dollars. Apps are the way to go that everyone is using it in a daily basis.

Idea Realization is Excellent

The idea is concrete and focus on the concept and keeps the user in line on what the site offers. I enjoy sites that are simple like this site which I'm interested in using it soon.

User Experience is Excellent

The user is going to get what they want quickly and the site explains what the site offers and delivers on there service. The payment are very reasonable that any startup can afford

Performance is Excellent

I think this site is a 10 with a great concept that is catering to the market and delivers affordable plans to get your app. The site has a fast reload speed and is readable on mobile.