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Chatpages is a global mobile business directory with live CHAT functionality. Customers can search for your business on their mobile phones by category, keyword or company name, and have a text live chat conversation with you, offering privacy and convenience, affordably.
The platform allows the business owner to have several simultaneous chat sessions with customers.
Listed companies can add their standard contact details and logo, including product/service photos, info and pricing. They also have access to simple analytics that show how many people are viewing the company profile and interacting by tapping on the chat button, adding reviews, sending SMS', click-to-call and going to the website. In essence, Chatpages doubles up as an interactive mini mobile website.
In addition, some subscription plans enable business owners to issue and manage special offers using digital discount coupons, thus helping increase business.
Users are able to navigate to the business premises by using the phone's GPS map navigator.
It doesn’t matter where you or your customers are located, costly national and international phone calls are a thing of the past. The young generation are more likely to engage with your business via CHAT, than through a phone call.
A built-in affiliate program allows users of Chatpages to refer business to sign up for Premium listing plans and to earn recurring commissions.
Target Group
Small and Medium Enterprises, business owners, entrepreneurs and millennials