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Brand Assurance is a revolutionary cloud-based reputation management platform. Unlike any other platform or service, Brand Assurance uses customer feedback surveys to proactively build and protect a company’s reputation online. With over 91% of consumers using online reviews to make purchase decisions, Brand Assurance is designed to increase the amount of online reviews from verified customers, protect a business’ reputation from biases, and give an unparalleled level of insight into how a business is meeting customer expectations on a local, regional, and national level.
Brand Assurance uses a patent-pending Customer Feedback Engine that collects customer feedback electronically and prompts customers to share their experiences on existing review websites. Unlike traditional reputation services and platforms which keep reviews inside their website, the reviews that are collected via Brand Assurance are posted on sites that consumers actually use to find businesses, which has a significant impact on revenue growth. Sites like Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are considered trusted places for information. Brand Assurance not only nurtures the writing of positive reviews, but also combats the negative ones coming to fruition. If a customer has a bad experience, Brand Assurance provides the business with an opportunity to resolve the problem before said customer goes online to share their experience – this is a win-win for the consumer AND the business.
Additionally, Brand Assurance monitors the web for reviews, notifying the business owner when there is a new review so they can respond in a timely manner through the business dashboard. This real time communication provides clarity into how they, as a business, are meeting customer expectations, insight into how to improve their business, the tools to develop better relationships with their customers, and a platform that proactively builds and protects their reputation online.
Target Group
Multifamily apartment companies that own and/or manage apartment communities.