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SpotClarify is a simple point-and-click solution to create guided tours for your web applications. This increase user activation and reduce onbording time.


The main focus of ImagePresso is to compress PNG and JPEG images by up to 90% without compromising both quality and resolution

Kanban Tool - original Kanban Boards for Business

Kanban Tool is a simple and effective software for visual management. Empower your productivity with online Kanban boards for business.

Brand Assurance

Brand Assurance is a revolutionary cloud-based reputation management platform. Unlike any other platform or service, Brand Assurance uses customer feedback surveys to proactively build and protect a company’s reputation online. With over 91% of consumers using online reviews to make purchase decisi…

Umbela City

Umbela City is an ecosystem consisting of several marketplaces for specific niche. In short,it is like a combination of Amazon, Yellowpages, Freelancer, TaskRabbit, Evenbrite and Airbnb (in term of concept).
Main concern is to promote SME products and services by inviting people to comment,share…


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VIPtrace - Visual media library. Creatiography and new releases from people you love.